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Outlier is an Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (ETDR) system that provides comprehensive endpoint monitoring, alerting and analysis capabilities without the use of endpoint agents. It speeds up the detection of new and advanced threats, allows for the speedy validation of endpoint-related alerts generated by SIEM and other cybersecurity products, and dramatically increases the productivity of security and incident response teams.

Endpoints are today’s biggest security blind spot

Enterprises must assume that their endpoints are in a continual state of compromise from zero- day attacks, targeted malware, social engineering, and other tools of advanced threats.

Legacy cybersecurity products like SIEM and intrusion prevention systems provide very little visibility into endpoints, and often make incident response more difficult by generating thousands of alerts, with too many false positives.

As a result, security and incident response teams must resort to time-consuming manual methods to identify and analyze compromised endpoints. This approach is expensive,unreliable, and too slow to prevent attackers from capturing and exfiltrating confidential information.

Endpoint threat detection

Outlier is an Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (ETDR) system that replicates the best practices of world-class cyber threat investigators. It continually monitors computers across the network, collects digital evidence, and uses advanced analytic techniques to:

Detect evidence of known threats.
Reveal unknown threats, malware and hacker behaviors by identifying “outliers” and anomalies on endpoints.
Differentiate “true alerts” from false positives and merely suspicious indicators.
Validate alerts generated by legacy security products.
Identify threats based on Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) specific to your organization or industry.
Outlier provides a unique query capability designed specifically to analyze endpoint threat data. Tailored queries increase the productivity of security and incident response teams and reduce time-to-discovery for attacks that touch endpoints.

…without the hassle of agents

The Outlier system offers the fastest deployment and lowest total cost of ownership of any ETDR product available today. Outlier is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) product that uses an innovative fast-scanning approach instead of endpoint agents. The agentless scans have no impact on users. Set up, data collection and analysis can be completed in hours. Operations teams never have to struggle with installing agents across the enterprise, and ongoing support costs are minimal.

Learn More

Please view our web site to learn more about the Outlier system, including how it works, why it’s different from other ETDR systems, three use cases, and the company behind it. And Outlier is easy to try out in your environment – contact us and we’ll show you.

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