About Centrixsentrix

Sentrix’s mission is to provide enterprises with a simple, effective and manageable solution to protect sensitive data and web applications against vulnerability exploits and DDoS. Sentrix improves collaboration between security teams, development and operations teams, eliminates conflicts between DevOps and security and enables the entire organization innovate faster without security getting in the way.

We achieve this goal by introducing an innovative technology approach that is based on actively learning the protected application’s functionality, serving users from a cloud-based replica and reducing the application’s attack surface.


Sentrix was founded by IT security executives, who provided IT security consulting to enterprises and recognized their frustration with the available approaches to web application security and DDoS mitigation:

Cloud-based CDN security was overly simplistic and only suitable for SMBs. It failed to identify zero-day attacks and did not mitigate layer-7 DDoS attacks effectively. The alternative approach of a whitelist WAF was overwhelmingly complex. WAFs took months of “learning mode” to deploy, and required maintaining thousands of rules. Failing to promptly update or add a rule resulted in false positives and false negatives. Organizations frequently disabled WAF protection and configured it to “detect only” mode to avoid false positives. Furthermore, WAF maintenance interfered with agile development and release. It  prevented collaboration and alienated development, operations and security teams.


Sentrix recognized that the approach of inspecting thousands of incoming requests and maintaining thousands of security rules cannot keep up with the complexity of web applications and the sophistication of attackers. Therefore, we took a completely different approach: Sentrix Cloud-DMZ serves traffic from a cloud-based, static replica of the original site that contains no vulnerabilities, does not require security rules and reduces the attack surface by up to 99%. An enterprise website is fully protected by the Replica and a handful of whitelist rules for non-replicated resources.

The web application is continuously scanned by an Active Learning Engine that understands the application’s functionality and updates the Replica and rules. This approach, referred to as Context Aware Security, addressees WAF shortcomings by eliminating false positives, automating security, accelerating deployment time and dramatically simplifying manageability.

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