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Organizations have been investing heavily in attack identification, threat intelligence and the staff required to triage, investigate and resolve security alerts. However, the traditional, manual processes leave security teams struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing volume of work. Managers struggle to justify additional staff, and they lack visibility into their team’s current activities, metrics and performance. Alerts are not only going unresolved, they often go unseen.

Swimlane is a security operations management platform that centralizes an organization’s security alerts, automates resolution, and dynamically produces metrics-based dashboards and reports. Using software-defined security (SDSec) methods and security orchestration, Swimlane automatically responds to alerts, automates the implementation of security controls, and protects the organization from future attacks—all at machine speeds.

Swimlane, founded by Cody Cornell and Brian Kafenbaum, is dedicated to empowering enterprises and government agencies to streamline and automate their security operations and incident response. As consultants to some of the world’s largest companies and government organizations, the team recognized the limitations of existing security operations management tools and the need for a purpose-built solution.

Focused on the needs of their current clients, the Swimlane platform was designed to help organizations automate their security operations, while allowing them to continue to leverage their own internal processes. These manual processes were traditionally modeled in process flow diagrams and stored in physical binders, ticketing systems or spreadsheets. Now with Swimlane, a security team can quickly resolve security alerts, capture key performance metrics, generate insightful real-time dashboards and rapidly deploy proactive security protections — automatically with orchestration.

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